Monday, April 03, 2006

Link Locusts

That really was going to be all I had to say about Xenisucks for eternity, and then two things came up to change my mind. First, the creator of the site apparently commented on the post in question (one of exactly two to crop up on Technorati. I'm always going to take the grouchy side in a battle between sweetness and light and dark and grumbly, and Mr. Sharp appears, on first sight, to be quite the Oscar. But did Xeni knowingly unleash hell on his servers? Not proven, as they say in Scottish jurisprudence.

What seems to be more likely, albeit surprising for an internationally famous tech commentator, is that Ms. Jardin is a wee bit careless in her linking, and blithely chooses to pretend that her legions of fans, some of which do seem to be a bit creepy, do not exist. In support of the carelessness, we have exhibit B, a link to a .mac file hosted by superstar mp3-blogger Miguel Nutrament. Either Xeni does not understand the etiquette of mp3blogging, which stipulates that one links to whatever nonsense the mp3blogger chooses to write about the song they're hosting, rather than just the tune, or she did not check the link properly, which is, yes, careless.

Since Miguel is using similar language to describe Ms. Jardin that he has employed to describe Sasha Frere-Jones, I will surmise that Xeni's list of non-fans just got one longer, without any help from Mr. Sharp at all. Still, I'm sure she won't be too forsaken, as long as there are people who will write this in public forums:

"She's a very positive force in this world. The strange little gremlins who claim to hate her are typical of those who like to tear down any celebrity person.

You can't buy that kind of fanbase.

[UPDATE: Xeni fixed the Banana Nutrament link. Good Xeni, good! You narrowly avoided Mig-hole unleashing comedy hell]


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