Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not BK You've Got It

It's been a while since we mentioned how awful it is that Brooklyn has an idiot for a Borough President. And then Christopher Ketcham reposts the most elegant take-down of the Markowitz fool we've ever read:

Picture Ron Jeremy without the dick, Buddy Hackett without the laughs, and you have Brooklyn B.P. Marty Markowitz. Why this porcine oaf with the eerie resemblance to your insane grinning uncle continues to occupy Borough Hall is beyond reason.

Go read the rest. That's why he gets paid the some bucks.

Not, mind you, that he's the only timewaster drawing too much money from the public purse in New York.

Sad bar news, courtesy of the Migster. Lillies, the site of one birthday party and maybe two other drinking binges, is no more. More loony beer gardens must sprout elsewhere.

Qualified good bar news - that Voodoo place on fifth avenue at the end of my street is now open. It's been quiet so far.

Probably good news. Floyd's sister joint on Union and Fifth is probably almost open, and the Black Sheep on Bergen Street is showing the world cup. Phew. So much drinking, so little time to explore married life....


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