Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sterling's Rise Means Rhythmic Scuzz

It's Day Two of our unnaturally seminal "A Grand Does Come For Free" series of grand piano-drenched posts. This one also from the import version of a well-loved album, in this case Beck's Odelay.

I'm not being an asscake, though, it just happens that the strength of the UK pound against the dollar has often led US artists to tack extra tracks onto UK releases. Nirvana even called their In Utero bonus track, "Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip", a "devalued American dollar purchase incentive track".

"Gallons...", though, is meandering tosh. Not so this Odelay bonus. Features production from the Dust Brothers and Jon Spencer on "keychain". Has this lovely piano riff that, when accompanied by some alt.shouting, serves as the chorus, although I'll grant you the verse consists of some rather clunky rapping.

I used to listen to this rather a lot when drunk.

Beck - "Diskobox"
Is "Odelay"'s Japanese version, and this song, worth an extra eight bucks? HELL YEAH


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