Thursday, August 31, 2006

And The...Yankees Lose

Yankees Move

I don't make a living from hating on the New York Yankees baseball team (their boss, that's another matter), but like many limeys love to see the top dogs brought down. Yesterday, though, they were taking on the team with the best record in baseball - the Detroit Tigers, who are my chosen American League team by marriage.

And a ripping game it was too. The above is a happy snap taken of the moment halfway through when they comb the pitch, not unlike the space troopers in Spaceballs. You can tell that the Yankees take things a little more seriously than cross-town underachievers the New York Mets, because the pitch combers don't do little dances while they're combing. Unless that's strictly a weekend thing. The Yankees almost took the game, but their closer bollocksed it all up, and we were treated to a top of the ninth, two-out, 2-2 three-run homer ffrom Detroit. If that last sentence meant nothing, move along, and get ready for some serious incomprehensibility come October, when the Mets try not to sod it all up.


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