Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Peak Performance

Hook Liner
Yep, been hellishly quiet these last few days. The highlight of the last week or so was a visit to the Red Hook Fairway, and during the trip there I took this slightly arresting snap of this huge cruise liner looming behind the low-slung buildings of Red Hook. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Robert Moses, New York is often slightly cut off from its major waterways. Seeing one of these monsters hove into view behind a familar skyline is very disconcerting.

I'll tell you what, though. Having had this rather sh*tey cameraphone for a few days, I'm panting for more. A decent Nokia phone with good reception, bluetooth, and a multiple of mexapixels camera, and I'm sold.

If you're looking for something longer, then you will be happy to know that my latest Sugarzine column is up now. It's the second item, as per what I think is the pretty reasonable Sugarzine policy of putting actual interviews up top, followed by live reviews, followed by CD reviews. Since I normally go and see at least one show a month, usually at Southpaw, this works out rather well.


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