Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We Have Legality

The gap since my last post is down to two things. The first is that I have been taking pictures like mad with a rather elderly disposable Kodak, and thus all the amusing Flickr'd goodness waits on me getting the stupid thing developed. The second is that I have had to take an unusual amount of care with my most recent Sugarzine column. It's not up yet.

Oh wait, there's a third. I have been labouring under the shadow of the phantasms unleashed by the complexities of US immigration law. What happened, in essence, was that while applying for a green card (thanks, Mrs. Cutesome!), I blithely sodded off to Mexico. I was, unfortunately, unaware of the import of this wise post that Felix wrote about the Dual Intent Conundrum (not a Ludlum novel). It looked like it was curtains for the application, as well as Crimble in sunny Scunny.

But, utterly bizarrely, after a mere 45 minutes at Federal Plaza, I was waved through into the ranks of the employable after barely getting started on my wedding photos. I'm confused, elated, tired (that evidence did not collate itself, and hugely grateful to two people, Mrs. Cutesome (who in any case would be the source of all sunshine in my life), and my attorney, who must remain nameless. While termination of my employment no longer carries with it the threat of deportation, it does carry with it the threat of no cash money.

So look out, American suckas, I'm looking to take your job. Your votes will be next. And this time, I'm carefully listening to the man Salmon.

A tune, methinks. The runners-up:

Nine Inch Nails - Ringfinger
Black Keys - Have Love Will Travel

The winner:

Cornershop - "Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again (Gottenburg)"
Buy "When I Was Born For The Seventh Time" here. Then keep Fatboy Slim away from it


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