Monday, October 02, 2006

Piano Player Daters

Blummy, I do not normally get amused by the bands that feature prominently on Stereogum, but this lot can be the exception. Lovelorn boozy songs about lovelorn boozing. With pianos. Sort of like a cleaner Husker Du, or a more tuneful Afghan Whigs, and thus turning into something awfully close to the Brooce. I also try and avoid listening to stuff on headphones in the office pour pas encourager les autres, but I have been forced to make an exception for The Hold Steady, which is being streamed here. Sod it's good, even though it's not really metal, and the hipsticles hold the same opinion.

Speaking of why hipsters shouldn't be allowed near keyboards, me new Sugarzine column is up. Not as bad as I recall. You have already seen some of my pictures, but the column is more like a word-picture.


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