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Flatbush Farm
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Well, this restaurant has been looming on the consciousness of North Slopers for a little while now, at least until we heard that the Pirate King and his concubine had been moving into the neighbourhood, and got excited about that instead.

(Quick aside here:

There, that's better)

So, this Flatbush Farm. not wild about the name. Even less wild about the sign. Quite like the bar - good selection of smaller brews and a fun bar menu. Intimates that it's down with local and/or organic produce without quite coming out and saying it. I'd been getting the odd beer there on the way back from work (um, sorry Freddy's), and the bar menu was pretty solid. Lots of cool toasty things and plates of sausage.

The bar's been open for a few weeks, and they finally got round to opening the restaurant. The site will be familiar to former patrons of the defunct St. Mark's Bistro, which struggled manfully with what to do with the space next door to the restaurant, and at times had it turned into a bar, a deli, and an empty store. The new owner has bashed through between the bar and the restaurant, and I must say the redecoration works much better for the bar bit than for the restaurant bit, where the colour scheme comes over as a bit gloomy.

The long-form version is that the terrine was almost obscenely chunky, sort of like the "before" of porky scratchings. The mushroom spaetzle were good, though, if a little cold, which suggests that the kitchen is taking a while to get its timings right. As for the mains, the goulash was pretty tasty, though not that exciting, but the noodles were fun. Mrs. Cutesome's duck confit was much more aggressive.

You'd probably find cooler restaurants further up Flatbush (Frannie's, Kombit), or further down Fifth (too many to name), but Flatbush Farm's solid and has a kicky garden, which is just what's needed at a restaurant opening in September. Still, the most exciting new opening is further west, but I will not identify it, for fear that another will try and pwn it before I get round to doing so.

But no, it's not the new Tempo Presto on Seventh Avenue, although I will stress that I have in fact pwned it before it even opened. So there:

Buh-bye Carvel

More hairy porky goodness here


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