Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reforma Or Die

Greetings from sunny Mexico City. At least I think it's sunny, since I've barely had time to look out the window since I got here. In fact, and having checked, it's more overcast, but not too chilly.

Of course I could take a picture of outside, but my delightful new Cingular telephone seems to have instituted a "restriction code", whereby a code to which I do not have access stops me from doing ANYTHING while overseas. I could be wrong, and Cingular are just scumclowns at explaining how their kit works, but I think with these cellular telephony swine we can assume that a man is guilty until proven innocent.

I'm so tired I'm almost hallucinating now. Not speaking much more than a handful of Spanish doesn't help, mind. There's pretty much only one song on my mind right now, for reasons I don't feel particularly inclined to share. But I sure am glad to have reconquered it from kids movies and restored it to its proper place as a soundtrack to misery.

Ray Charles - "Hit The Road Jack"
Is from Anthology. Uneven, the odd titchy live track, but is the mothership. Buy it


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