Friday, July 09, 2004

Larry The Wind, High. Low.

A quote from the first Frank Black solo album there. And a characteristically tortured way of saying I saw the John and Teresa show on Larry King last night. Well I was making a salad, but I heard it. See, John can sometimes tilt his head and look sensitive, and smile a mean dopey smile, but errs more towards adorable than charming. And adorable is a tad redundant now we have the Edwards-childs.

But back to the way he talks. It really is like a stepfather trying to be affable, possibly to a stepdaughter's smack-addicted no-good fiance. Yes, that strained. I think Chris Suellentrop's Slate piece has it about right. Especially the monstrously laboured humor. How the grim demeanor goes down with the 99% of the population less flippant than me is anyone's guess.

Quick piece of alien-on-alien carping here, but will Teresa's otherwordly (i.e. definitely not Kansas) accent put anyone off the ticket? Again, hard for me to tell. I can't get Mistress Octopussy, queen of the circus, out of my head. Trying now to think whether anyone apart from Mrs. Adams got to be a Bond Gurl twice...


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