Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cripes, It's The Rozzers!

Someone arrest the Lyndon LaRouche crazies on 16th street. They are the new Al Gore, soliciting donations, nay, aggressively soliciting contributions from aliens without permanent resident status.

We normally dislike not being a citizen, since at least half the fun of caring about politics stems from having a chance to do something about what you've been whining about for eighteen months by voting come November. But it is rather fun to dismiss the clipboard-toting fundraisers by quoting election law at them. This says that only citizens and those with permanent resident status, and not foreign nationals, may contribute, or be solicited, for donations, as this little primer notes. Some of them start hitting up our companion for more, or suggest a little lateral transfer of funds. Mr LaRouche-crazy began babbling about PACs being exempt (WRONG!), and boasting about the number of contributions he got from Germans (COOL! NOT.).

Mr. LaRouche, who inhabits this little demi-monde where his extensive network of fellow loons writes in with useful tidbits, makes reasonable money from his "Executive Intelligence Review", and once produced an interesting little tract called "Children of Satan" that assessed the impact of Richard Strauss on neoconservatives. This subsequently blew up big, in the New Yorker and WSJ, among others, although Justin Raimondo rather intemperately disputes the timeline.

Our tuppenceworth? Mr. LaRouche is a Limey-hating nut that shouldn't be asking us for money. Although anyone with such a shaky grasp on reality that they think Prince Philip ("Phil the Greek") is one of the shadowy rulers of the world probably has trouble getting to grips with election law.


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