Monday, July 12, 2004

Pity The Pretty Horses

Ray Kelly has done a sterling job of persuading the Daily News that all manner of black-clad hell is going to descend on the city for the GOP convention. Apparently he realises that the transparently demented Ed Koch ads may not be enought to keep New Yorkers from having a sneaking sympathy for the anti-GOP crowd. The way to get round this is to paint the protestors as animal-hating scum.

Now preventing some privately-educated, hoodie-wearing nihilists from taking shots at police, and their animals, is a good thing. The fact that these anarchists usually commute in from Westchester, seat of their teenage angst, while the professional global protestors are more likely to spend their time finding interesting ways to disrupt traffic, is lost on the News. Tips lifted from "the internet" are likely to be garbage.

The News is leagues ahead of the Post in providing thoughtful local coverage. The Post tends to resemble Fox News, with Page Six and a police blotter bolted on. So, a pity to see Mort's men following the NYPD's talking points so unblinkingly as well.


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