Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cross Burning

The benefit? Ah yes, the Koncert For Kerry benefit, loosely organised around a Brooklyn-despising routine from David Cross. First off, not enough Ted - three songs where he beats the s*** out of his geetar was fun, but left us aching for more. Hehehehehe. But the greasy Sadaam Hussein lookalike with the limey accent (we think it's genuine) rocked all over the sweaty floor, and the Capitol Years put up one of the most valiant struggles we've ever seen against Southpaw's dubious acoustics.

Not being a tinkle, or Mr. Show fan, we will forbear comment on whether the comedy was any good, although the angry atheist entertained us while we tried to semaphore desperately our need for a drink to the 'Paw's indeifferent wait staff. But we think they got the balance right, although a desperate need to vote out Bush seemed to be the hallmark. Still it avoided smelling of Red Wedge, which, given the Leo/Weller comparisons, was achievement enough.


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