Thursday, September 16, 2004

Grenade. Ground. Fall.

So, the Dems want Edwards to be a bit more evol, according to a new piece in the The New York Times. But:

some Democrats said he was wary of being remembered in this race in the same light as, say, Richard M. Nixon or Spiro T. Agnew.

Jeez, is this what it has come to? Does this mean that Edwards thinks he's got a little bit of those two in him? Or that they think that Karl Rove's mojo is such that he can draw out the comparisons but at the same time same ignore the fact that half the current adminsitration considered those two close personal friends? Dowd's column, while ostensibly ridiculing this mindset, seems set to feed it.

Our Dear Vice President (yes, I say our, I pay the man's non-Halliburton salary) is one of those demented elderly lions, one foot the grave, who no longer gives the semblance of a f*** whether he lives or dies. He exists to make crazy noises and fling himself at anything that looks like threatening the pride. And Edwards and the Democrats would be best off pointing out that any adminstration keeping such psychotics on its payroll should not be taken seriosuly.


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