Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's Wah!

Ok, we are starting to get a tad worried about the publicity to which 50 Cent exposes himself, not to mention the hot, flying lead. We seem to remember he had promised to take an ex-chicken processor from Scunthorpe under his wing, protect him from the vagaries of the music business. But here 50 is, conveniently close to a hail of bullets at the Danger Central that is the studios of Hot 97.

We suggest you get a flavour of the beef at the article linked above. But we have spoken to one of our sources, and the young man causing all the trouble, who goes by the frankly terrible moniker of The Game is apparently "a complete b*tch, and Dr Dre had to beg 50 to rescue his record." Having listened to the shambles that is "Candy Shop" (and watched its, er, sweet video), we are genuinely terrified that an a capella version of Game's work might one day hit the shops.

Anyway, there is a terrible squabbling amongst the talentless no-marks that make up 50's crew. Think of it as like the aftermath of the death of Alexander the Great, only Alexander's still alive, and wandering around a mansion pawing models, and the nearest thing to a Ptolemy is Lloyd Banks.

The accursed Nine Inch Nails servers are overloaded.


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