Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Duck And Carruthers

Several of you (well several, if we separate conscious and subconscious minds) have expressed concern for the safety of Scunthorpe megastar Grant Harvey, member of Tiida, and currently residing in 50 Cent's stable. 50, as all clued-in residents of NYC will know, was involved in a hot lead fracas outside Hot 97's offices (flaccid NYT here, semi-rocksteady here and proud Gumby Fresh hyah!).

To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Harvey, largely a soul sideline for the lisping lothario, was not involved in the events surrounding the shooting. And neither were any of the people standing by the shooting victim, 50, or the staff of Hot 97. In fact they were all on their way to Myers of Keswick to score some rare Monster Munch. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar, and apparently savors the taste of cold, hard sidewalk.

But we'd say that for all his Lincolnshire survival skillz, being in 50's crew is not a steady or relaxing occupation. And 50 loves to fight with everyone. Even the ones with guns. Which is just in-SAYNE. People with guns is why no-one starts fights in New York bars. More importantly, 50 seems to be so preoccupied with breathing life into the careers of abysmal rappers that he has neglected to provide Tiida with a decent web site. Which is why a google search produces so few results.

In fact 50's concern for his protege is so scant, that we might even begin to suspect that the thing was all a desperate career-boosting hoax by a pair of middling soul journeymen. Still the episode i's by far Gumby Fresh's top referring search term. So we'll flog it till the glue factory beckons.


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