Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lilt Makes You Burp

Today presents you with a slightly less haggard and cranky weblord than yesterday. We'll be the first to admit that the post that confronted you this morning was very below par, and we'll try and make it up to you today. Possibly using the power of psychotic cats.

Actually, I'm not sure I can. Oops. Things getting a mite crazy in dayjobland.

Will be eventually finding something useful to write about. in the mean time, here's a beautiful lilting geetar and cello thing from early this century from a band called Blue Green. I found them on back when visiting it was the done thing, and never found much more about them, although I suspect that the song is about sappy enough to be used as an implement of SEDUCTION!

In fact, a year or so after unearthing it, they cropped up at Brownies with Palomar, and turned out to be a bloodless but proficient alternative rock band. I ventured up to them after the show and said to them how much I enjoyed this song i had found. They gave me a look like I had been sniffing around under their beds, before responsding that it was a very early demo, but they were glad that I liked it.

Googling them is a bit of a bitch, (you tend to dig up descriptions of algae or the late-period Blues Explosion song Blue Green Olga), but they had their moment. And it's quite lovely

Blue Green - "Leave"


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