Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fishy Fishy

Lovely little article in the Observer Food Monthly, titled "How sushi ate the world" that lays rather a few Sushi myths to rest. The most useful, and personally satisfying, knock, is debunking this idea that sushi can be eaten with chopsticks.

My suspicion has always been that there was some huge cosmic joke on the part of sushi restaurant owners to watch the customer try and control these gigantic fish and rice cross-sections with two slivers of rounded wood. Word has slowly got out that a splash of soy sauce is much preferable to a thorough drenching, but still the diner is expected to measure the drizzling by manoeuvring said chunks with said splinters.

One word people - fingerbowls. I'll start keeping it real at Blue Ribbon, soon as I don't have to walk out of the joint with starch all over my fingers. Maybe hot towels afterwards as well as before. We also learn that Nobu will take over the world, and meet the best Kentish-born sushi-chef ever.

The rest of the Observer is a dissatisfying melange of LibDem leadership latest, and more on the creepy, pooterish, worthless old coot, that is somehow mean to be my sovereign. Yes, top inbred nutjob Prince Charles promises to stop sending prejudiced, half-formed, incoherent rants to elected officials once he becomes king. Better idea, how all members of parliament swear an oath in public to ignore every last thing the reactionary old weirdo has to say?

Squarepusher - "Tequila Fish"
Get yer "Big Loada" here. Confuse still more old people.


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