Monday, June 19, 2006

Would You Like Some Candy?

You probably hoped that Day Three of the uncritically-monickered "A Grand Does Come For Free" would have taken forever to arrive. Never fear, for this installment of the piano-themed post-frenzy has been delayed by intensive scientific plinky-plonky analysis. Or has been waiting for me to spend a few hours in the dark drinking wine and listening to the sad, sad songs.

This evening's pick is lugubrious and far from self-pitying. While there will definitely be room for one more indie-rock power ballad, tonight will not be its stage. Not when Faith No More is the lucky debutante's mother. vand a particularly bats one she is too.

The golden age of Faith No More piano was definitely their second album, The Real Thing, although I'm prepared to hear out anyone with the nuts to put forward Album of the Year.

The Real Thing, for one thing, marked the apotheosis of the blissfully monickered Roddy Bottum, the band's keyboardist. There are several great synthesised keyboard tunes scattered around("From Out Of Nowhere", "Underwater Love"), but only two out and out piano beatings, and one of those is famous enough already.

Which leaves us with that legendary hymn to dirty old manhood, Edge Of The World. Being a sick old f*** never sounded so smooth. Fortunately, vocalist Mike Patton's voice hadn't reached the husky depths of later recordings, so the song never quite reached its true potential as a NAMBLA recruiting anthem. A deeply creepy ditty.

I thought, really rather seriously, about closing down my wedding with this song. But sanity intervened. Anyway, why would anyone want to close down their own wedding?

Faith No More - "Edge Of The World"
"The Real Thing". Fetch it. Admire the old-skool cover art. Touch it

Changing the subject, you may be mystified as to my objections to the Atlantic Yards project. I thought as much. Why don't you read what a proper novelist has to say about it instead?


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