Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Clark Vent

Now, this is the blog I wish I'd started. A collection of the humorous "reporting" moments of ace NY1 general assignment reporter Roger Clark. I must say, though, their examples are not that amazing yet. Given time, and one of them being on tivo duty, though, this could become an epically cool resource. I'd note also that since NY1's main anchor, Pat Kiernan, is away, Clark is forced to interract with second-string desk-jockey Kristen Shaughnessy, who lacks a fair amount of charisma. This does not make for great TV.

Please read also this from the Village Voice on the race to be my next congressman. Here's the problem, in a nutshell: There are four candidates up for the democratic nomination, and thus the seat, of which three have varying ties to the deeply corrupt former democratic party boss Clarence Norman. The fourth, though, is white. Hmmmm. Not touching that one. Glad that Tom Robbins does, though.


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