Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hush Hush Idolator

Cor, I bet Miguel is going to love this. Gawker Media has launched a music blog called Idolator, which seems to spring from the premise that casual music fans want a more finely-honed brand of snark than that available on the more obsessive mp3 blogs. I'd be tempted to say that non-obsessives don't need blogs at all, but Gawker's been pretty good at exploding that myth.

I'm not anywhere near as qualified to opine on its prospects as I felt I was with the risible Dealbreaker. An idiot's quite to the Hype Machine is marginally useful, although a lot of casual listeners these days just type "[Artist][song] mp3" into Google Blogsearch. And if that little tip was in complete contravention of the DMCA, then maybe Denton's lawyers steered them clear of saying it, and the whole sordid set-up just demonstrated its value. And I'll see you in 6-9.

Bloggers are sitting down with the big boys at all sorts of strange tables these days, and the results are rather disorientating. The mp3 bloggers got a chance to see advance versions of the new Microsoft Zune, which basically is an iPod that allows you to "beam" music to other users, much as Palm Pilot-toting w@nkers did with Dope Wars a few years back. Idolator, ahem, has just noted the Microsoft largesse to the bloggers, and to their credit, Stereogum was pretty cool-headed during the whole episode, a little more than John of Americablog did meeting Bill Clinton. But Bill's tasty that way.

Am I going to compound my sins by posting some music here? HELL NO. See you in court.


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