Monday, September 18, 2006


Some smart alec among you has not yet noticed that my posting pace has slowed to almost two per week. My apologies - the current work rate I need to maintain, and the lack of time to investigate promising material has left me woefully short. So I'm reduced to pointing out that today (Tuesday) is International Talk Like A Pirate, a lightweight and possibly drunk-inspired chance to talk salty that Disney mysteriously refused to use to promote its Johnny Depp-themed films. Me old matey.

A few happy snaps from the atlantic Antic, which went ahead on Sunday and featured some serious amounts of Six Points Beer. Brooklyn Lager was a much more demure presence, although it was still ahead of the Greene King IPA, which is much less formidable presence in the US than the UK (hard to find my arse Mr. Chippy).

Fleshtones Stand Guard

Band-wise, I caught the old, camp, and rather dynamic Fleshtones, and the Sans Culottes, the Evanescence of fruity French pop, who were looking rather raddled by 6pm on such a sunny day. Yes, I also saw the stand for the "Brooklyn" "Nets", but it was pretty rubbish, and lacked local celebrities or beer, and had many fewer kids excited than the Bus museum that they set up on Boerum Pl.

The Sans Culottes Make Some Sweat

I'll be out of pocket for a few days now, but hope to see you back soon. In tthe meantime, go visit Gizmodo, the only blog to which I would confess to being addicted. I want 90% of the stuff they feature. True dat.


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