Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yassky Yell

Yassky Party
Yassky Gets Media
Two rather blurry photos from the corner of Union St and Fifth Avenue to show just what David Yassky is about to achieve.

I was up this morning taking my constitutional round Prospect Park, and noticed a huge amount of Owens literature, and a lot of signs for obscure Civil Court races. I'm guessing that Grand Army Plaza is the only place those guys put them up. I had no idea one of the candidates was called serpico, otherwise I would definitely have handed them my sole frivolous endorsement.

And yes, running the gauntlet of campaign workers with only my "sorry, foreign, no papers, no votes for you" for protection did get rather wearying. But who should show up outside the PS282 polling station (my local one, were I to be enfranchised), but David Yassky, looking as chipper and unctuous as he could be at 8am on a Tuesday morning? I did not actually get to engage with the gentleman, as he was busy oozing on a little old lady, but I must confess that the man works as hard as be spends, i.e. very.

So, as I write this, Suozzi is conceding his campaign to be democratic candidate for governor of NY, that Tasini chap won't be far behind, and some of the Brooklyn races are coming into focus, too. Barron's a close-ish second in House district 10, Batson's a distant second in assembly district 57, and Yassky is rocking out right now in House district 11, the one I care about. I think a combination of Slopers reflexively voting for the white guy and massive spending on campaign literature is going to get Manhattan securities and real estate interest the stooge they wanted.

The Brooklyn Democratic machine won't look too good, which is no bad thing, but it's hard to say that the Borough's democratic voters have covered themselves in glory. And yes, Chris Owens, my guy, the guy that knows the district, that cares, that can have a sensible conversation on the district's issues without descending into abuse or equivocations, is running in fourth place behind the corrupt guy.

It might change, but somehow I doubt it.

Yassky'll be whooping it up in 200 Fifth right now, if you can stomach it. Yassky or the surroundings? A bit of both, really.

[UPDATE: Crikey. Late surge from that Clarke lady with the extra Ratner cash. Fat lady is staying well Mum, though I may have to stay up]
[UPDATE 2: 11.24pm. Yvette Clarke gets the nomination and thus will be my next representative, assuming the lying thing doesn't escalate any further. The Ratner supporter that can't tell the truth squeaks in past Yassky. I'm almost tempted to go down to 200 Fifth and commiserate. But then cautious support is bettter than unflinching support for tearing the heart out of Brooklyn. Quite the bummer of an evening]


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