Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wayne Coyne's Bubble

Wayne Coyne's Bubble
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Blogger is tasting of a*s today, presumably suffering from the same malady as the rest of the Google empire. And so I have spent the day using Yahoo for my search, and have finally got round to creating a Feedburner RSS feed for this blog. You can find it here. siince the vast majority of the A list bloggers use it, I assumed that they were on to something, and lo and behold the feedburner pixies are gleefully ignoring whatever world of pain blogger is in right now.

This is rather important, because I have some blurry pictures of the Flaming Lips to share with you, and flickr will serve perfectly well as a publishing interface.

The Flaming Lips' Massive Confetti Assault

The gig? Well, I'm still debating whether it would be a suitable subject for a column for the Sugarzine people. Let's just say it was very good, and since I'd largely forgotten I was down for a ticket, it basically came as a pleasant surprise. There was even an onstage marriage proposal. Bless.


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