Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Free Dan!

We hadn't much cared whether Dan Rather swung or not over the memo business, even though we rather indirectly took the CBS side over the forgeries (we still maintain that one could have written them on the gear available at the time). You see, Gringcorp just doesn't do network television (except, awkwardly enough, 60 Minutes, but then only at the insistence of our angelic companion).

And then we read this potted history of the man, by Bryan Curtis in Slate. Swearing at reporters? Check? Squatting while reading the news, rather then soil Walter Cronkite's chair? Check. Dressing up reeeeelly unconvincingly as an Afghan peasant? Check. Yep, I'd say the man's potty, alright.

And all this makes us think he should be made Grand Vizier of the Known Universe. Or President. At least he's allowed, unlike that uptight Canuck dude Jennings.

Dan Rather, you are first recipient of Gumby Fresh's Order of the Ruffneck Demented Unhinged Cru (ORDUC). It would have been Zell, obviously, but we only just inventerd the title.


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