Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Glue Factory Beckons

By now you will all have realised that I have the mp3blogging skillz of a child. While the elites tend to scour soulseek and cultivate at least a few record labels in their search for something curious, I prefer to rely on the same small circle of hokey late nineties compilations for "rarities". When I persist in mining the aesthetically barren and stylistically constrained seam of themed posts my deficiencies become all the more glaring.

So, a few weeks back I posted this from the Lost Highway soundtrack, in, er, celebration, of me nuptials. Thought little of it. And then "A Grand Does Come For Free" starts biting at my heels like the Gods' ugliest hellhound. And I cannot find anything with a certain plonk on it bar some stolid house music and some alt.rock stabs at melancholy.

So back to the Lost Highway soundtrack. Wherein you may find a storming saxophone and piano freakout from Angelo Badalamenti. Thelonious sounds almost sedate by comparison.

Angelo Badalamenti - "Red Bats With Wings"
Buy "Lost Highway" soundtrack here. Perfect for pedestrian D-list music blogs.

Vancouver beckons, as well as, with luck, an end to this grand piano-propelled misery


At 9:56 AM, Blogger Dope on the Slope said...

Badalementi and Wacky Packages, the cerebral breakfast of champions.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger Gringcorp said...

Oh hello Dopester. Sounds like your gathering was rather jolly. I was alas away.


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