Monday, June 26, 2006

Vibert On Vibes

The reason for my absence was a short trip to Vancouver, a trip that involved few chances to walk around, and still fewer to take pictures. There were some demonstrators around, but their attention was less of a hindrance to posting than the sheer amount of work. [Still, one quick note to the gnomes at CUPE - the meeting wasn't secret, you just weren't invited. Why weren't you invited? Because, judging from your screed, you don't know how to finance a road.]

I could have taken the standard shot out of my hotel window, but the Crowne Plaza where I was staying was awesomely cramped, had an L-shaped bathroom that was difficult to navigate for non-oompa-loompas. The view itself, mind you, was of one of downtown's busiest intersections, and there was an interesting display of First Nations culture in the park opposite. But I lacked the will to take out my camera.

Perhaps the more deep-rooted reason for my staying away from the blogosphere was this whole "A Grand Does Come For Free". This grand-piano shaped albatross round my neck, begetter of such bad metaphors that it should not be allowed to live. Even though if it is a metaphorical albatross it already is dead.

Oh damn you to hell gringcorp, just post the stupid mp3 already, end our misery and that of all sensitive right-thinking men. Well said, internal monologue, although I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's by Wagon Christ, or Luke Vibert as he's known to the child protection unit, and is the only successful fusion to date of grand pianos and mentalism.

I'll be back in a minute to discuss the beeb, but for now it's good to put this ivory-encrusted madness behind me.

Wagon Christ - "Piano Playa Hata"
Buy "Tally ho!" at Partly for the music, and partly because's CEO sounds like he escaped from Valley Girl


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