Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Nice But Tim

Those who were down with the hardcore from way back will remember a rhapsodic post about Tim Brown's mighty Last Word, which was being offensively liberal waaay before Atrios and his truculent ilk. That Tim is quite plainly bats, and blames school uniforms for all of society's ills is neither here nor there. The important bit is that there is someone unfeasibly angry tooling around Kentucky calling people fascists.

Of late, however, the antics of the Bush administration, as well as his all-consuming obsession with bubble gum, seem to have tipped him close to the edge. A post from 25th August at his blog (you'll need to scroll, we're afraid), gave a hint that he was ready to move on. And it pains me to admit he might be right.

The latest missive was a big let-down, an incoherently angry defence of CBS made all the more futile by the knowledge of what has happened since the 14th (no superscript there, people), followed by a travelogue from Louisville, and a sycophantic letter. And the invective had lost its edge. But if Tim does call it a day, we wish him well, and suggest he starts getting hardcore into Lepblogging. It's the new partisan rage, you know.


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